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Protecting Your iPhone's Battery and Getting More Juice

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Protecting Your iPhone's Battery and Getting More Juice

When it comes down to it, few want to replace their iPhone battery. A lot of iPhone repair stores offer fantastic services, and Mac men is similarly available to boost your phone’s lifespan. That said, we believe prevention is important to securing a strong, long-lasting battery.


Over time, your phone’s battery will wear down. You’re not alone, however, and a few solid tips can prevent unnecessary drainage. Check out our tips below, and overcome the smartphone’s notoriously bad battery life.


Tip One: Turn off Background Refresh for Useless Apps


Not every app needs to be refreshed constantly. Turn off Background Refresh for apps you don’t use, and cut out unnecessary processing. Background Refresh polls network data, expenses battery juice and runs unwanted processes. Enter your iPhone’s Settings, navigate to General and then to Background App Refresh. Turn it off as a global setting, or deactivate it for apps you’re not using.


Tip Two: Manually Check for Email


Push email, alone, will drain your battery. That said, you can set up your email to stop pushing new Inbox notifications. Instead of setting up a polling frequency, navigate to Settings, and then to Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Then, navigate to Fetch New Data and toggle the Push button to Off. Additionally, set up your email Fetch to be Manual. This should save you a good amount of battery juice.


Tip Three: Make Sure You’re Using an Apple Charger


That’s right, other chargers can drain your iPhone’s battery. A lot of iPhone repair stores will tell you the same thing, too. Apple chargers might be more expensive, but they’re specifically built to maximize your iPhone battery’s power storage potential. That said, a solid battery replacement from Mac Men will strike out this problem, altogether.


Tip Four: Activate Software Updates


Don’t neglect your iPhone’s software updates, either, because they’re often packed with power-saving software changes. Check for updates by heading to Settings, and then General and then Software Update. Make sure you’re connected to your home PC via USB, and get started with your phone’s update. In doing so, you’ll download the most updated battery-saving processes Apple has to offer.


Tip Five: Contact a Professional Provider


Is your battery life skipping percentages, draining quickly and outright dying? Likely, you’ll need a professional provider to examine your options. At Mac Men, each technician is trained to examine charger ports, motherboard power sections and other areas. Sometimes, an iPhone is simply old. Fortunately, you can still outfit your device with an immediate battery replacement.

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