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Charging Issues: Solving the Issue

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Charging Issues: Solving the Issue

It happens to everyone, one day their device is charging normally and the next... not so much. Thankfully, we're providing some excellent tips regarding common charging issues that many confront when it comes to mobile devices. With this being said, here's a look at common charging issues that many suffer with in regards to their mobile devices.

Remove Lint

Your device spends a lot of time close to your body, so getting clogged with lint or other debris isn't too far fetched. The best way to remove debris is to turn off (or remove the battery from) the device and using a can of compressed air to clear out any lint/debris from the USB port.

Fix Your USB Port

USB ports can take a lot of damage over time, which can lead to them getting bent or unable to connect properly with a charger. However, solving the issue is easy to accomplish if you know what you're doing with a very unlikely tool... a toothpick.

To fix this dilemma, turn off the device or remove the battery. Then, simply bend the USB connector (with the toothpick) to a position so that it isn't touching the top or bottom of where the USB charger plugs in. If you can do this gently and conservatively, your device will be working (and charging) as good as new.

Change Your Cable

Changing your USB cable can save plenty of issues regarding the diagnosis of your charging issues. Being bent and folded over time can take a serious toll on a USB cable's life expectancy, so replacing a cable isn't uncommon. To fix this issue, simply purchase another USB cable to see if that's a cause for the problem. If there's still problems, make sure that the USB cable is through the same manufacturer or for your specific device model (as off-brand cables can sometimes complicate the issue).

Change The Adapter

The adapter can experience the same stress as the USB cable, so checking up on the adapter is just as important. Plugging and unplugging an adapter can loosen its connection to a socket, which (in result) hinders the amount of charge capable for your device. Other things to look out for would be making sure the adapter is through the same manufacturer or trying a different plug to charge your device.

Considering the information above, getting your device the perfect charge it deserves isn't as difficult as it seems. With most of the issues being trial and error, there's little in the way when it comes to your device having a complete charge in one sitting.

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