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Common Tablet Problems & Solutions

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Common Tablet Problems & Solutions

People having trouble with their tablets isn't anything new (or a problem that is going to disappear). Thankfully, many of the issues are fairly minor and many individuals can solve the issues themselves without a problem. With this being said, we're going to cover some of the common issues people have with their tablet (or mobile device) to save the stress associated with budgeting a replacement. Here's a look at common tablet issues and how to correct them.

Why Doesn't My Wi-Fi Stay Connected?

The best way to keep your Wi-Fi working properly is to enter your advanced settings and change the device sleep policy to never. This helps avoid your phone from abruptly cutting off your wireless internet.

Why Am I Frequently Running Out Of Memory?

This is a very common problem, with the common solution being that you need to clear out your cache. If this is becoming a problem that is all too frequent, buy a memory expansion to avoid such problems in the future.

Bright Sunlight Makes My Screen Difficult To See

An easy route could be adjusting your screen's backlight in your phone's functions. However, if you're looking for a more reasonable approach to combat the sun from making your screen difficult to see, purchase an anti-glare screen protector. These are fairly inexpensive and easy to find.

I Can't Tether My Device

For anyone unfamiliar with tethering, it's when a mobile device is used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. For phones, the carrier will oftentimes put a hold on your service if this is noticed (it violates terms of use), but there's a few programs on the market to mask the fact that your device is being used to supply Wi-Fi to other devices.

Can I Remove Pre-Installed Apps?

Yes, but it does require a bit more effort than simply dumping them in your device's trash. Apps such as RootUninstaller can remove pre-installed apps, but it can be more of a hassle for your device in the long run due to the unstability without its core applications.

My Device Is Slow At Times

To avoid a device running slower than usual, try removing apps that you don't really use. This cuts down on the energy that your device has to use for the apps to simply exist.

Considering the information above, it's fairly easy to fix minor device issues on your own. However, if you feel as if the problem is much more serious... have no fear in contacting a tablet repair specialist.

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