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Should You Upgrade to Apple iOS 9.3.4?

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Should You Upgrade to Apple iOS 9.3.4?

Apple has released a new update: iOS 9.3.4. But do you really need it? Touted as a security update, Apple has been relatively vague about what the new iOS upgrade does. Users have noted that it has patched out a popular type of jailbreak, but otherwise doesn't seem to have impacted much on the user side. Because of this, the 9.3.4 update may not be essential for users who aren't overly concerned about their security. 

Apple iOS Patches Out Jailbreaks

Many iPhone users jailbreak their phone, though the company itself has been notoriously negative about this practice. The recent iteration of Apple iOS is designed to prevent some of the most common jailbreaking techniques -- in particular, the Pangu jailbreak. It's likely that this jailbreak patch is the "security update" that Apple has been discussing, though there could potentially be other security issues fixed as well. 

Battery Issues With iOS 9.3.4

There have been some reported issues with battery percentages by users with the new version of iOS 9.3.4, but these aren't significant. Moreover, battery issues tend to occur with every new version of Apple iOS, as the battery widget is fairly difficult to optimize. There have been no widespread reports of serious issues with 9.3.4's functionality, though some have indicated that their dictionary does not seem to be working properly after the patch.

What If You Have an Older Phone?

Owners of older Apple phones have often found that upgrading to newer versions of Apple iOS "breaks" their phone. Applications may load more slowly, space will be eaten up, and there can be some unpredictable behaviors. users who are still on previous version of Apple iOS or have a phone prior to the iPhone 5 may want to be cautious when updating their phone to the new iOS 9.3.4 as it may create some performance issues, such as lag. 

It's nearly always a good idea to keep your phone patched with the newest security updates. However, this update does seem to have a negative impact for those who prefer to jailbreak their phones. The update also does not add any functionality;  no features, performance upgrades, or other compelling additions. Because of this, the upgrade may be able to be safely skipped by those who are mostly concerned about the utility and performance of their phone. 

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