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PC to Mac Migration


So you're finally making the move and switching from PC to Mac. Congrats! Contact Mac Men in the Twin Cities for fast help migrating your existing PC files. We’ll also train you on operating your new computer and answer any questions along the way, so you can enjoy a seamless transition. Call or text 612-345-8005 to get started!

Migration Services for Twin Cities Users & Businesses

So you love your iPhone and iPad, but when it comes to your computer, you've always stuck with PCs. Why fight it? Why not experience the same joy and intuitive ease of use that you get from your other Apple devices?

Mac Men is ready to show you the good life by getting you set up with a beautiful Mac system, migrating all of your PC's data over to the new computer, and easily training you on how to operate it to its full potential in both your home and office.

Migrating PC Data

Ready to sync your iDevices? Setting up your Mac system needn't be difficult, and your operating system’s full potential can be unleashed once you've migrated your personal files. Mac Men excels in software assistance, and we’re ready to help you transfer important files easily and effectively.

Data transfer is accessible in many forms, and Mac Men holds the experience needed for information migration via:

  • CD and DVD
  • The OS X Lion Migration Assistant
  • Portable hard drive storage
  • Portable media
  • Email
  • Ethernet connections

Your iPhone is set up, and your iPad has been synched to your contacts. Where’s your Mac desktop? If you’ve been clinging to PC, it may be time to head over to Apple’s intuitive layout, beautiful design, and quick processing power.

However, data migration is important, and Mac Men doesn’t want you to be “high and dry” without your well-collected multimedia and data once you've left PC Island.

Get Mac Specialist Assistance Today!

Mac Men’s experienced team is ready to assist you throughout the data transfer process! We understand how nerve-wracking data transfers can be, and we intend to walk you through every step. (If you require Mac repair, we’re here to save your backup data too!)

Each Mac Men specialist is well-trained in servicing Apple products. If you’ve never used a portable hard drive for storage, our experts will steer you in the right direction. As for USB and storage devices, we hold intensive data knowledge to get your new Mac up and running.

Additionally, we know the troubles of reading NTFS-formatted PC hard drives. Thankfully, our outfitted services are ready to interpret, transfer and upload your data hassle-free. Schedule a consultation today!