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Mac Network Setup & System Configuration - Minneapolis, St Paul and Surrounding areas

Setup Services for Apple Products & More

Did you buy a new Apple product that requires setup? Mac Men offers setup services for laptops, desktops, iPads, iPhones, and more. As part of the process, we’ll ensure your device is connected to Wi-Fi, help you sync it with your other Apple products, and then train you on using the system. It’s like having your own IT person, and we can even travel to your Twin Cities home or business or connect with you remotely!

Video Calling Setup Services

Need help setting up a webcam or getting a brief introduction to a video chat app? We’re also happy to assist when it comes to setting up apps like Zoom, Skype, and other new technology. If you can download the app on your Mac, we can teach you how to use it. Just send us a text or call 612-345-8005, and let us know what you need help with!

Mac Network Setup & System Configuration

Setting up a Mac isn’t always easy, especially when you want it to connect with multiple other devices. Mac Men effectively installs system files, consolidates important programs, and secures transferred data. Our effective, affordable setup options guarantee multimedia and file safety, so you’re never left with an empty Mac.

Home Network Setup

Do you need a Wi-Fi network set up in your home? How about a networked drive to wirelessly store all of your files? We'd love to create and set it up for you. Request a consultation today!

Unconventional Setups

Did you just purchase a new Mac? Have you restored your system? Mac Men assists with unconventional Mac repair and setups too. You can always buy new movies, music, and applications, but a streamlined system, protected information, and streamlined processes make owning a Mac even sweeter.

System Setup After Restoring Your Device

Computers age, and sometimes repair is the best option. However, Mac repair needn’t resort to hardware replacement. More often than you think, a Mac can be restored to factory settings, removing harmful viruses, corrupted data, or otherwise unconsolidated information.

If your Mac needs factory restoration, we can take the stress out of the process. Mac Men helps configure your computer throughout re-setup, assisting you with:

  • Password resets, generation, and security questions
  • Wi-Fi establishment
  • iTunes setup
  • Multimedia transfer and retrieval
  • Program installation

Choose Mac Men for Full Protection

Mac Men is ready to help you maximize your security and efficiency. When setting up your Mac, firewalls, router security, and virus protection are all accounted for. We urge you to also ask us about setup security, as our experienced technicians are incredibly knowledgeable about digital protection. Protected system setups are efficient setups, and Mac Men is always ready to keep your system safe!

Get Apple-Friendly Software Recommendations

How do you know which software is compatible and best for your home, small business, e-commerce shop, or retail store? By checking with Mac Men! We have made hundreds of effective recommendations for our clients.