Mac Backup

It's not a matter of IF your hard drive will crash, it's a matter of WHEN. Mac Men can implement a safe and reliable data backup plan for your Mac and all devices, saving your family photos, business documents, and all that is important to you.

Data Backup for Macs – Minneapolis, St Paul, and Surrounding areas

Data Backup System Creation - You can always buy new music or movies, but you can't get back those business files and priceless family memories and photos on your computer and iPhone. Not having an effective data backup plan is like walking on a slippery tightrope. It's not a matter of IF you will lose it all, it's a matter of WHEN. We can set you up with one of many secure, effective, and affordable options for guaranteeing that your files and photos will stay safely with you forever.

Crashed Hard Drive Replacement -  We hope that you never experience your computer's hard drive crashing, but odds are you will at some point. We are here to get you through that crisis. We can clone your original hard drive, attempt to resurrect the data, install a fresh new hard drive in its place, and restore your files from the revived data or from your back up system.

Your Mac’s hard drive stores your system’s most vital information. We hope you never encounter a broken, burned out or otherwise irreparable hard drive. However, accidents happen, and Mac Men is here to assist with information backup following Apple Mac Repair.

Cloning Your Hard Drive

That’s right: Mac Men can preserve a digital copy of your hard drive. If you still have your hard drive, our expert technicians extract its remaining data, resurrecting it for further use during Mac repair, restoration or replacement. Once your new, fresh hard drive is installed, we utilize your old hard drive’s data to revive valuable information on your new system.

Before Information Backup

Before Mac Men backs up your hard drive, utilizing your system’s installation CD’s utility functions is important. If your Mac, MacBook or MacBook Pro runs on OS version 10.4 or later, this CD provides a wealth of useful tools for information backup:

  • Hard drive integrity scanner
  • Hard drive repair
  • External storage
  • Corrupted file restoration
  • Verification of partitions and the Master Boot Record

Information Loss and Compatibility

Power loss, unexpected unplugging or other accidents may result in lost information. Thankfully, Mac Men’s expert team effectively and safely converts your files to a new system.

You may be wondering: “How compatible is my information?” If you’re converting old hard drive information to a new Mac, you’re in the clear. Similarly, Mac Men is available to assist with cross-platform data transfers. Safe booting for hard drive recovery is always recommended, but users are urged to contact Mac Men for safe, considerate information backup. Full restoration may be required, and follow-up disk checking and repair are also provided for consistent Mac computer repair.

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