Mac Upgrades

Hardware or software upgrades - Mac Men has the experience to keep your system up to date. Your Mac hardware is our priority, and we offer intensive care to make sure every base is covered throughout the back-up process.

Mac OS and Software Upgrades - Minneapolis, St Paul and Surrounding areas

Operating System and Software Upgrades -  If you are uneasy about those big OS X updates (such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, etc.), we are happy to update your Mac for you. We'll back up your data and then safely install the new software update.

Larger Hard Drive Replacement - Most likely your computer keeps telling you that you are almost out of storage space. The 250GB or 320GB hard drive that seemed so big when you first got it, is now at its maximum capacity thanks to tons of photos, home videos, etc. Don't let that slow you down. We can install a new internal hard drive that's 4 or even 8 times this size to last you a lifetime. This service also includes transferring everything from your old drive onto the new one.

Big OS X updates, like Mountain Lion, Lion, Mavericks and Snow Leopard can be very intuitive and process intensive. However, Mac Men is available to solve all of your conversion and update needs! Having intensive Mac repair knowledge—our expertise arsenal is packed with update, installation and download knowledge.

Backing up Your Data

Often, Mac owners fear “the big update” due to data inconsistencies. Chances are, if you’ve considered a new software update, you’re concerned about data restoration and back-up. Your Mac hardware is our priority, and we offer intensive care to make sure every base is covered throughout the back-up process.

Your Mac’s Hardware

Before we update your Mac, we’ll need a few credentials. Historical Mac computer repair aside, your system hardware is relevant to possible updates. Finding your Mac model’s information is easy! Just click your system’s Apple icon in your screen’s top left corner. Choose “About This Mac” and select “More Info.” The following models are compatible with most updates:

  • MacBook: Late 2008 Aluminum, early 2009 and newer
  • iMac: 2007 and newer
  • MacBook Pro: 2007 and newer
  • MacBook Air: 2008 and newer
  • Mac Mini: Early 2009 and newer
  • Mac Pro: 2008 and newer
  • Xserve: 2009

Upgrading from Previous Updates

Don’t worry about it! Mac Men is well-rounded to apply the newest updates around. If you’re running an old update, don’t bother with overlapping problems, information inconsistency and version identification.

Mac Men doesn’t just provide Apple Mac repair services, we’re incredibly versatile with software, upgrades and system updates. Often, a Mac’s upgrades are available for free—providing you’ve used previous versions. In such cases, Mac Men is still available to provide assistance. For broad access, reliability and consistency—we’ve got you covered.

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