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“He not only set up the best possible system for saving my information but also set up systems for sharing information and photos with all the myriad tablets and computers in our house. There was no way that a techie guy from a store would have taken the time to sit down with me and understand what it is that I do every day as a professional and as a mom juggling many schedules, enough to really help me to get the very most out of my technology. The result of the time that I spent with Mark saves me precious time, keeps me organized and helps me to feel good about the technology that I have invested in because I know it is working for me. Whenever something new comes up, I call Mark and he has the understanding and expertise in technology to apply it to my life to make it easier.” — Amy A., Minneapolis, MN

“I was traveling from California to Minneapolis to make an important group presentation. When I got to the location, I found that due to a misunderstanding, the setup for my Keynote presentation was not going to work… Help! The presentation was in a few hours and I didn’t have the proper computer and projector connections available! Someone at the site mentioned that Mark Fawcett of Mac Men had helped them out during a prior tech “crisis”, so I gave Mark a call. Not only did he show up immediately, and not only did he resolve the hookup problems, he even lent me his own HD video projector and a superior pair of speakers for my presentation! Mark Fawcett of Mac Men gets my “3P” award: Prompt, Personal and Professional.” — Lowell Fox, Comedian Connections, Palm Desert, CA Kevins

“Mark at Mac Men not only has the technical skills, but more importantly, the people skills to get the job done and in a way that is most beneficial for the task at hand.  He creates a pleasant, productive and creative environment where one feels at ease and in good hands. Mark has helped me by successfully and efficiently migrating the contents of one of my computers to another, jail breaking my phone, and suggesting computer applications to streamline my work, as well as giving suggestions as to what type of equipment I would need to purchase next, to better integrate my existing equipment. Having Mac Men in your corner is always a good decision.”— Andrés Parra, VenUS Directions, Inc., St. Paul, MN

“I cannot speak highly enough about my many experiences with Mac Men on my various computer problems. They are the first call that I make when something goes wrong with ANY of my technology. Over the years, they have fixed absolutely all of my tech problems, including replacing my faulty trackpad, internal hard drive recovery and replacement, MacBook Pro maintenance and speed increase, wireless network recovery and set up, and even flawless replacement of smashed iPhone and iPad screens. Their hardware recommendations are excellent and economical. Most importantly, Mark is always wonderful to work with — kind, thoughtful, efficient, proficient and delightful. I recommend Mac Men enthusiastically.” — Stephanie G., St. Paul, MN

“As a small business owner and part time student, I needed help in choosing the right computer system to fit all my needs. Mark gave me plenty of excellent and very useful information, advice and service. Also at other times they helped me troubleshoot and fix some software issues I was having. They’ve always been happy to help me in a very quick manner. I love my Apple products and the feeling of confidence that Mac Men is there to help me if I need them. They’re very knowledgeable, kind, and honest, and the first people I’ll turn to again when I have questions in the future. Thanks!” — Kim H., Eyota, MN

“If you are looking at this, it means you need help. I own a small private practice that uses Apple products and I needed help to clean, upgrade and fix some issues in my system. I used Mark from Mac Men to create a back up system, upgrade and expand my computer’s (Mac Mini) hard drive and also to give me advice when I am looking at system needs. Mark is very responsive, coming to my business on a schedule that works for me. When we upgraded, he made sure everything was working before he left and then when I had more questions (as it was a new system) he patiently walked me through what I needed to know. Ultimately, I know I am getting timely, personal, and professional work every time. I am glad I called him as my system is working great and I didn’t need to go out and get all new equipment and I didn’t need to go to the store where I still had questions when I got home. Plus, like most Apple nuts, he can show you fun stuff on your iPhone.” — Bryan Hoff, MD, Slumberjack Inc., Northfield, MN

“We own an online shop that features clothing and items that promote a lifestyle of gratitude. When we were first starting out, we had heard about Mark and his experience with technology and creating ecommerce, so we contacted him and flew him out to consult and advise us on website improvements, as well as training and troubleshooting on our Mac computers and mobile devices. Since then we have happily hired Mac Men countless times to remotely access our computers and solve our computer problems from 2,000 miles away! That is a very helpful option for us.

Our brand is AOG (Attitude Of Gratitude) and we are grateful for Mark Fawcett and Mac Men.” — Dana Dowell Windatt, Co-Founder of TheGreenBuddha.com, San Francisco, CA

“I contacted Mac Men when I was first considering switching from an Android phone to an iPhone. Mark told me all about the features and benefits of the iPhone and suggested many apps that he recommended for me and my lifestyle. Well I got my iPhone and soon an iPad and I am SO happy with them! I’m very thankful that Mark turned me into an Apple freak. Since then, I have had a few problems with my iPhone and iPad, such as the rotate lock, a frozen screen, iMessage errors, etc. and he solved those problems for me immediately. His skills in technology are awesome and amazing. He has all of the answers that I need right away, without even a pause or saying, “let me think and I will get back to you”. I am a very happy customer. Once I need a new computer, I will be switching from a PC to a Mac, and Mac Men will be the ones I will be calling to set it up for me and provide me with support over the years.” — Shana M., Blaine, MN

“When I have those technological glitches that are now a part of daily life, I call Mac Men. Mark has an incredibly broad range of skills, from audiovisual needs, editing (making a DVD from a camcorder tape and from 1970’s reels and still photos), to Apple support, to home theater development, to electronic game set up and recommending the best brand and size plasma tv for our family. Mark has provided us with solutions that are quick, economical, creative, and comprehensive, and he explains things in a way that I can understand. It’s obvious that Mark loves what he does, and he’s a delight to work with - reliable, responsive, pleasant, and committed to resolving whatever issue I have. I highly recommend Mac Men.” — Ellen K., St. Paul, MN

“When my law firm decided to migrate from PCs to all Apple computers, I hired Mac Men to handle the big job and they did it flawlessly. They helped us with recommending and customizing our iPhones, iPads, MacBook Pros and MacBook Air laptops, transferring all of our files, and setting up compatible Mac software. They also created a secure network and backup system and setup our new wireless printer. We’ve also used them over the years for occasional troubleshooting and routine maintenance, and we couldn’t be more pleased with their skills, patience, non-geek terminology, and personal touch. I recommend them to other law firms, small businesses, and anyone who owns Apple or is leaning in that direction.” — Sia Lo, Lo Law Firm, Woodbury, MN

“Mac Men has helped me with my technical devices for several years. They have set up a strong wireless network in my home, set up and trained me in on my new MacBook Air, customized my new iPhone, iPad, and wireless printer, and backed up all of my computer data. Mark is very generous with his time and is flexible in scheduling service appointments. He is determined to solve all issues and make my devices work in a way that is most useful to me and in the most efficient way possible.” — Nancy W., Burnsville, MN

“I have had the pleasure to have Mac Men assist me with my computer networking issues. Mark was able to troubleshoot a problem I had been having with my router and recommended upgrading to another one that would be a lot more efficient and trouble free. He also assisted me in getting it set up and running, along with letting me know it wouldn’t need to be constantly re-started due to connectivity issues. He then helped me troubleshoot issues I had been having with my iPhone and helped resolve them. He also gave me pointers and how to’s with my iPhone and iPad. I also plan on having him replace the hard drive on my “old school” iPod. I know that whatever technical needs I have, I can contact Mark and I’m confident they will be fixed without any hassles.” — Anya D., Rochester, MN

“Mark has been a tremendous help to me throughout the years regarding the various iOS products that I have owned. He has been both knowledgeable and helpful in his approach to assisting me navigate through the problems I create on my iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products. He seems to have an innate ability to cut right through the problems and deliver a solution, both quickly and efficiently. Mark takes the time to listen to what issues I am having and make me feel comfortable about having him remedy it. I like his non-pressure approach to troubleshooting and fixing things. I really appreciate his vast knowledge of computers and handheld devices. He is my “Go-To” guy for all of my computer issues. He has become a good friend through the process of working on my technology devices and I truly value his commitment.” — David Carlson, DC Tech Audiovisual, LLC, Minneapolis, MN

“I had excellent results working with Mac Men on my Mac’s iTunes problems! They were able to: 1) identify the problems quickly; 2) Get to work on debugging, removing corrupted files, and streamlining; 3) They then made recommendations to me regarding a back up system, etc. for moving forward with my ‘new’ fully functional iTunes library and program. I would highly recommend Mark for any tech consulting support! Beyond his obvious high level of technical knowlege, he has an awesome personality with superb communication skills. I really couldn’t be any happier with the service I got from Mark!” — Joel B., Northfield, MN

“We decided to change from PC’s to Apple for our company a few years ago. Since then we have been using Mac Men as our consultant to make that changeover and continue to enhance our use of Apple products. We are very happy with Mark’s expertise, honesty, understanding of our needs, resolving time, and price. When we have a problem he is always available to help us. Now I use him not just for our company but for our home too. I highly recommend Mac Men.” — Jose F. Martin, CEO, Hotel Paamul, Mayan Riviera, Mexico

“I’m so glad that I hired Mac Men to set up our system because they could advise what I needed (and what I didn’t need) as well as compatibility with peripherals I would need for future expansion. Then I was extremely grateful to have their help later when I had software app issues! I definitely rest easily knowing that they are completely diligent and dedicated to keeping my system working smoothly.” — Alan G., St. Paul, MN

“When I first opened my business, I consulted with Mac Men on a variety of technical issues. Mark recommended an iPad point of sale system with the Square credit card reader and register system. I had no experience running this system, but Mark showed me the ways it would be beneficial to a store like mine. After I purchased the system, Mark helped me refine its usage specifically to fit my needs. He was able to explain technical issues in easy-to-understand language for a technophobe such as myself. He was readily available to answer any questions I had, and his easy-going nature compliments his vast knowledge of technical matters, making him a wonderful resource for anyone needing consultation.” — Daryl Lanz, Chapter 2 Bookstore, Winona, MN

“A couple weeks back when iOS 7 came out, my friends were asking me if I’d downloaded it yet and I said ‘Nope, I’m waiting to hear if Mark at Mac Men has done it and has given it a thumbs-up, and then I’ll know it’s good and I won’t have problems’. I checked with him and he said that he had beta tested it for Apple for six months before it came out and that he approved of iOS 7, so I knew I could go ahead.” — Kimberly C., Rochester, MN

“Mac Men came into my technological world at a time when I was frustrated and didn’t know how to resolve my technological issues. I had bought all the tablets, smart phones and computers a family could need. And yet I knew that I wasn’t getting the benefits from my equipment that I should be. An Apple guy or a Geek Squad wasn’t enough. I knew how to work the systems. But what I really needed was someone who had such an in-depth understanding of what my technology could do, that he could listen to what I do on a day to day basis and determine how my technology could work for me and make my life easier. Mark did everything from making my work life easier by merging information I needed on hand onto my mobile devices to orienting me as to how I could set up schedules for my family on iCal. Goodbye wall calendar!