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Why The World Would End If Mac Computer Repairs Disappeared

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Why The World Would End If Mac Computer Repairs Disappeared

Consumers that own Apple products shop, play games, conduct business, and provide services from their Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones. Apple owners are loyal to the Apple brand due to software offerings, online protections, and the beautiful designs. However, due to pricing for new devices, it is often more affordable to get an Apple device repaired rather than replaced. Should all MacBook repair shops suddenly close, making it necessary to buy a new device every time the screen cracks or a device is dropped in water, the entire world would be affected.

Ok, maybe it wouldn’t end, but all repair shops closing down would put a definite dent in online revenue in the short-term and long-term. Why? There are two reasons: the number of iPad owners is growing, and over $80 billion was made in online revenue in 2015, and that amount is growing.

Apple Grows in Popularity

Currently, the total number of homes that own at least one Apple product (most homes own three) has grown steadily from 72.1 million in 2013 to 78.5 million in 2015, over half the American population. Worldwide, Apple plans on shipping as many as 237 million units by 2019. Take the combined global sales and the Apple family doesn’t seem so small anymore. Actually, it appears that they might just be taking over. 

Revenue in Online Sales is Growing 

Of that $80 billion in online sales, a good percentage was made on the iPad. Apple sales within the United States are projected to reach $81.1 million by 2018 and consumers are only getting more familiar and comfortable with their mobile devices, buying through mobile apps more than desktops and laptops, combined.  

This means that should all MacBook repair shops or iPad repair shops ever close down, Apple device owners would be at a complete loss, being left to suffer Android or Windows OS while the world waited for another affordable alternative to new Apple device pricing. 

Fortunately, there is no danger of Mac repair shops, like Mac Men, shutting down. We'll be here for you for years and years to come. Call, text or email us to ask about getting your Apple device repaired. We not only provide excellent service through a knowledgeable staff, we also do house calls, training, and personal shopping.

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