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5 Common iPhone Problems - and Their Solutions - for 2016

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5 Common iPhone Problems - and Their Solutions - for 2016

Is your new iPhone suddenly misbehaving? Here are some of the common – and annoying – iPhone problems popping up in 2016, and what you can do about them.

Charging Problems: Is your new iPhone not charging correctly? This can happen if your cable is damaged, or your port is bent or displaced, or your adaptor gets dirty or corroded. If you can't tell what's causing your phone to refuse to charge, bring everything in to us, including all your charging components, and let us take a lot. Often simply replacing the port or charger will fix this problem.

Red Screens: Those who own any of the iPhone 6 models may find that their screens suddenly go red and die. This was not a common iOS problem, so it's all right to be worried! The first thing your should try is a manual restart by holding down both the Home button and the Power button for 10 seconds. This will start a reboot that may solve the problem. If you are still getting a red screen afterward, bring your phone in: This could be a problem with corrupted data or hardware damage, and it needs a closer look.

Bad Battery Drain: We're going to be blunt – most battery problems are caused by poor phone management by users. That's okay: We can absolutely offer advice and ways to help keep your battery consumption low so it doesn't randomly die on you. However, there are exceptions, too: iOS 9.2 in particular created a battery problem for iPhone 6S models which froze battery readouts even when your battery continues to drain. If you find your phone crashing for no apparent reason, this could be why.

Safari is Crashing: Some of the 2016 changes to iOS have caused a strange bug where searching on Safari causes your phone to crash without warning. Kind of ruins the point of Safari, doesn't it? The problem seems to be in the search suggestions feature where the browser brings up a bunch of "Are you typing this? Or this? What about this?" suggestions. Head over to Settings and go to Safari to turn this feature off, and the browser should stop crashing. On the plus side, Apple will be addressing this problem with additional patches down the line.

Error 53: Apple has always been a little protective of its brand, but iPhone 6 users have discovered an instance where this was taken too far: The dreaded error 53. Basically, if your phone (particularly the Home button, for some reason) is repaired by a third party instead of by Apple itself, it will brick your phone soon after and make it nearly impossible to get any data. To avoid this security feature gone mad, always pick someone with certification to work on Macs and iOS devices – like Mac Men.

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