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Common Macbook Troubleshooting & Solutions

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Common Macbook Troubleshooting & Solutions

Macbooks can have issues just like any other computer on the market, but what does one do when there's an issue with their Macbook? Thankfully, we're going to walk you through some of the common issues people have with their Macbooks and how to fix them. With this being said, here's a look at troubleshooting (and solving) common Macbook issues.

Macbook Slow Performance Issues

Slow performance can easily take the fun out of using a Macbook. Thankfully, you may not be the only person that has this problem and it has already been solved by someone else. To begin, try viewing the activity monitor. The activity monitor shows you where your Macbook's energy is going and gives you a window of reference as to why things may be running slowly. In many instances you'll have to upgrade a program, but in severe cases you may need to install more RAM on your computer.

Macbook Wi-Fi Issues

Not being able to access Wi-Fi can be a hair-pulling experience. Whether the Wi-Fi is turning off randomly or simply not reaching your Macbook in another room, it can damper your online activity (if you can have any at all). A great way to troubleshoot this problem would be turning off your Macbook's Wi-Fi connection (in the computer's menu) for at least 10 seconds and turning it back on. If you're still having Wi-Fi issues, try unplugging your router for 30 seconds to a minute. If you're still having issues, try using another Wi-Fi network. If the problem seems to be the computer itself, upgrade to OS X El Capitan to correct the problem.

Macbook Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth issues are a common occurrence when using a wireless keyboard, so here's a few tips for deciphering the problem. First, turn off your Bluetooth device and the Macbook itself. Then, turn them both back on and that should solve the issue in minutes. If there's still an issue, make sure that nothing is in the way to disrupt communication between the Macbook and the Bluetooth device (such as a phone or other electronic device).

Macbook Not Charging Issues

This can happen to relatively new Macbooks, so have no fear as there's a few simple solutions to this problem. If you have an older battery, swap the new battery with an old one to see if the battery is the problem. If that does not solve the issue, try charging from another outlet. If the problem remains the same, try using a new charger.

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