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Why You Shouldn't Try to Fix Your Apple Device on Your Own

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Why You Shouldn't Try to Fix Your Apple Device on Your Own

When your iPhone or iPad breaks, it might seem like the world as ended. Your first instinct might be to immediately try every troubleshooting method you can find, scouring the web for any tip or trick to help. However, while this seems like a good idea at first, there are a number of reasons why you should leave Apple repairs to the professionals.

1. You Can Make It Worse

What starts as a simple problem could turn your phone into a brick if you start tinkering too much. An Apple device is a highly advanced piece of technology, and only those who have gone through a iPhone repair course and have the proper certifications are qualified to tear your phone apart. 

2. You Will Void Your Warranty

Any time you attempt to open your phone or replace a part, it automatically voids your warranty. This means if something does go wrong due to a manufacturer defect, Apple is under no obligation to pay for it. Think Apple will never know? Think again. Most recently, users who had replaced their screens themselves received a glitch called Error 53 during an iOS update. Apple eventually sent a patch through, but it just goes to show they can tell who has altered their device.

3. You Don't Have the Proper Equipment

To crack open your iPhone and tinker with the parts inside, you require special equipment. Standard Phillips and flat screwdrivers are useless, as all Apple devices are crafted using specialized hardware. Sure, you could invest in all the tools necessary, but this seems like an unnecessary expense for a one time repair.

4. You Are Putting Yourself in Danger

This might seem melodramatic, but when a screen or case becomes cracked, you risk puncturing yourself with tiny shards of glass or plastic. If you need to remove the screen, you have to use a heat source to loosen it, meaning you could burn yourself. Additionally, the battery can often suffer damage and leak onto your skin or give you a shock when you crack it open.  

With all of these downsides, it makes complete sense to trust your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac repair to the experts. Mac Men has years of experience repairing Apple products and can save you time and money. Give us a call today for a consultation!

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