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Mac Men is a professional computer repair, tech consulting, and training company based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We provide top-notch technology support at an affordable cost, both locally for Minnesota and for clients around the world. We are true believers in personal service and provide the best experience out there. We are humbled by our clients' glowing testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals, so it's our mission to continue to go well above and beyond what is expected of us every day.

Mac Men founder Mark Fawcett used his first Apple computer, the Apple ][e, back in 1984 in his junior high computer class and hasn't wanted to touch a generic PC ever since. Because he has used Apple computers and mobile devices all his life, and since he is passionate about solving everyone else's tech issues, becoming a certified tech consultant and IT admin made perfect sense for him.

Mark is a member of Apple’s iOS developer and hardware & software certification programs, the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners, the Better Business Bureau, several chambers of commerce, and has been frequently written about in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Minneapolis Star Tribune tech columns, as well as has been interviewed by NPR and American Public Media's "Future Tense" program. He also served on Condé Nast Publications' Cargo Council providing technology product content for Cargo magazine, and was profiled in Entrepreneur magazine's November 2008 issue.

Highly trained and astute problem solvers, we're passionate about making clients' lives easier and explaining complicated tech issues in easy to understand, everyday terms.

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